If you have a standard return, please see our return policy page!

*updated as of 8.5.21

If you received a product that was damaged or defective (ex: a hole in a shirt), we will issue you a full refund! We are so sorry this happened. We try our VERY best to inspect each and every item of inventory, but we are humans that make mistakes sometimes behind this small business! We appreciate an extension of grace, as mistakes are never our intentions and we work so hard here! We always want you to be fully satisfied with your orders! You must e-mail us at hello@shopsetapart.live within THREE days of receiving your damaged product in order to be refunded. If we are contacted any later than that, you will not qualify for a refund! Send your name, order number, and PHOTOS of the damaged item. We will get back to you within 3 business days. You will not be responsible for shipping back! We simply will just refund your original method of payment.